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RIGARDS x Uma Wang

Pushing materiality to new heights was top of mind in the designing process of RG00UW1, our creative project with high-end artisanal label Uma Wang. The unisex frame has a universally-flattering circular shape that evolved from early mountaineering and motoring glasses, but its chief novelty lies in the detachable pivoting side-shields. From their stored position, the shields unfurl outwardly and smoothly, mirroring a partial eclipse in motion, and providing a little extra protection in the wearer’s peripherals.

The shields themselves are quite the enigma: a thin layer of real stone hand-fused onto a brocade-like backing (patented), giving each shield a slightly different look while keeping the weight astonishingly and pleasantly low.

Hand-distressed surgical stainless steel (which forms the frame body) and artful spoon-shaped nose-pads nicely nod to RIGARDS’s penchant for texturing and distortion.

Available colors: Vintage Gold with Cream Stones, and Vintage Black with Black Stones.