Your RIGARDS eyewear comes with a warranty certificate, a care guide, microfiber cloth, a pot of care balm (horn), and a protective case. Horn is a natural material that requires special care.

Every three months, use your fingertips to evenly apply a very small amount of the provided care balm over the frames, paying special attention to the temples and rim edges. With a circular motion, lightly rub the cream into the frames with the microfiber cloth in the direction of the grain.

Avoid using water, chemical cleaners, and ultrasonic cleaning devices on your frames at all times. Should your frames come into contact with lens cleaner, remove it immediately with a soft cloth As with any other frames, avoid leaving your eyewear, near air-conditioning units, or in extremely hot, humid locations for extended periods of time.

Store your horn eyewear in a dust-free environment. You should not, under any circumstances, attempt to adjust the frames yourself; bending the frames forcefully will result in breakage. Please consult a professional optician for the optimal fit of your frames.